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Ants Control

We Take Pride in Our Comprehensive Extermination and Treatment Service

Ant invasions can be a persistent nuisance, disrupting the peace and comfort of your home or business. At Fair Deal Pest Control, we empathise with the frustration and inconvenience that ants can bring. Our devoted team takes pride in going beyond simple extermination, striving to provide a comprehensive ant control service that eliminates the immediate problem and ensures a lasting solution.

We believe that a successful pest control service should not only eradicate the immediate issue but also leave you with the assurance that your space is protected in the long run. Our attentiveness to customer satisfaction is evident in every step of our ant control process, from the initial consultation to the follow-up sessions.

We're here to provide swift and effective solutions:

Ant infestations can escalate quickly, so our team is committed to delivering fast and effective solutions. Our expert technicians are well-equipped to identify the ant species, assess the extent of the infestation, and tailor a targeted treatment plan that suits your needs.Here’s how our expert technicians ensure a comprehensive approach to tackle ant infestations:

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Getting started with our ant control service is easy. Follow these simple steps to reclaim your space from ant invaders:

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What Our Customers Say

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I cannot recommend Fair Deal Pest Control enough! Living in London, we've struggled with various pests over the years, but since hiring Fair Deal, our home has been pest-free.
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We recently used Fair Deal Pest Control for a wasp nest removal in our backyard. The team was quick to respond, and their service was outstanding.
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We had a persistent mice problem in our flat, and despite trying various DIY solutions, we needed something to work. Fair Deal came in and took charge. Their team eliminated the mice and provided valuable advice on preventing future infestations.

Most Popular Questions

What types of ants can Fair Deal Pest Control help eliminate?

Fair Deal Pest Control specializes in treating various ant species, including common ones like house ants, carpenter ants, and sugar ants.

Is the ant control treatment safe for pets and children?

Yes, our ant control treatments are designed to be pet and child-friendly. We use eco-friendly products that are effective against ants but pose minimal risk to your loved ones.

How long does it take for the ant control treatment to show results?

The time it takes for results can differ depending on the severity of the infestation. In most cases, you may notice a noteworthy reduction in ant activity within a few days of the initial treatment.

Do I need to vacate my home during the ant control treatment?

No, there is usually no need to leave your home during ant control treatments. Our technicians use safe and approved methods that allow you to stay in your residence while the treatment is conducted.

How can I prevent ants from returning after the treatment?

Our technicians will provide you with specific recommendations to help prevent future ant infestations. This may include sealing entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and eliminating factors that attract ants.

What is the cost of ant control services, and do you offer free estimates?

The cost of ant control services can vary based on factors such as the size of the infestation and the type of treatment required. We offer free estimates; our technicians can assess your situation to provide an accurate quote.

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